The world is ending. The gods are all murdered. It’s up to a man addicted to heroin, who recently overdosed, to sort things out.

Beauty is found in darkness. Light found at the end of every tunnel. This is the story of one man searching for both, despite a lifetime of regrettable decisions. Marcus overdoses and awakens to find the world in flames. Through six wicked tales of deceit, love, loss, violence, and forgiveness, Marcus finds the courage to face demons, both literal and figurative, in an effort to save us all. Dante’s Inferno meets Twilight Zone in this cautionary tale, told via a series of stand-alone stories that inform Marcus’ journey.

Addiction. Heartbreak. Love and Loss. These are the stories of our time. Presented with sincerity and dark comedy, they entertain while reminding us that we may leave this world alone, but we walk it together.

Written and created by Tyrone Long, and art by Spike O'Laochdha, Borrowed Time is an anthology mini-series, with featured stories colored by Isai Munake.


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