Dear readers:


With the coronavirus pandemic requiring us to maintain distance from each other, it’s become more important than ever  that we reach out to one another in what ways we can.


Our readers are the most important members of the comics community. You are the reason we became storytellers in the first place. The opportunity to transport you to a different world and provide some small reprieve from or solidarity with life’s challenges is what motivates us to keep spinning these yarns. Given the new and emerging realities around us and within our own lives, that respite may be harder to find today.


Under ordinary circumstances, our senior citizens are among the most vulnerable members of our society. This has unfortunately proven even more true as of late. However, there are ways we all can still help, even if we can’t be as physically present as we may wish. We invite you to join us this month in helping our elders.


From now through May 15, all proceeds from purchasing issues of Borrowed Time will be donated to Meals on Wheels America. With your assistance, our goal is to raise $1,000 to give to their cause. In addition to your contributions, we will be matching the first $500 you help us raise. You have supported us in keeping this project going, and we wish to now direct that support to help our seniors continue to have food on their table when they need it most.


Please contribute by purchasing the comic directly through this site or on ComiXology, and have your dollar amount counted toward our goal. Already purchased both issues, or simply want to donate directly? Don’t worry, you’re not being left out. Here’s how you can join us:


      1. Click the link at the top or bottom of this page to submit a direct donation of any dollar amount to Meals on Wheels America.
      2. Post a screenshot of your gift receipt to Meals on Wheels America to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
      3. Tag us using both #borrowedtimecomic and #mealsonwheelsamerica, and your contribution will be counted towards our goal.
      4. As an added bonus, within 48 hours, you’ll receive a direct message containing a link to download digital copies of both available issues for free.


Got another charitable organization assisting with this crisis that you wish to donate to instead? By all means! Follow those same steps above and you’ll receive the free issues as well.


It’s become abundantly clear in recent weeks that we are all truly in this together. Please join us in helping each other to make this situation even modestly better. We can help you pass a little time with an entertaining story, while you can help make a big difference in the life of someone who needs it most. Won’t you join us?


Thank you all for lending us your time and assistance. Please stay safe and be well.


-Tyrone and Spike